A Nasty Comment From A Reader

IMG_0162  I received my first nasty comment from a reader.

I started writing on a site, that I actually discovered back in 2011, it’s called Smith, and they have a section on their site where you can write 6 Word Memoirs.  I posted my little story and picture about the Samba VW Van that I found on the SambaVW site – the pretty green and white one – under Need, Want, Desire, Isn’t She Beautiful. I included the part about donating to my dream at Paypal like I did here. Well that got me a nasty comment: You can read it on the site if you are interested.

The commenter schooled me on the rules of the site, called me tacky, told me no one owes me a damn thing and to get a job.

So, of course, first I needed to check out the “Terms of Use” on the site;

“SMITH Comments and Discussion Terms of Use

In order to make our Comments interesting and informative for our users, the following guidelines must be adhered to by all users posting and/or viewing comments:

– If a comment is made using your identity it will be deemed to have been posted by you.
– Do not post abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libelous, offensive or sexually explicit material.
– Do not intentionally make, false or misleading statements.
Do not offer to sell or buy any product or service.
– Do not post material that infringes copyright.
– Do not post information that you know to be confidential or sensitive or otherwise in breach of the law.
– Keep all comments relevant and ‘on topic’ to the particular SMITH posting open for comments.
– SMITH will not accept responsibility for information posted in the Comments.

If SMITH receives notice that any posting is not in keeping with these terms and conditions or the intended use of the Comments, SMITH may remove that posting and/or any other related postings.

Please note that unless SMITH is notified of a posting that is not in keeping with these terms and conditions then we will not remove it, furthermore we do not exercise any form of editorial control or censorship of Comments other than the above stated procedure.”

I assume the commenter is referring to the item I have bolded in the list above: “Do not offer to buy or sell any product or service“.  Now I posted that memoir and link to Paypal with as a “tongue-in-cheek” joke and figured one of my friends would send me $0.26 and tell me they have helped me achieve 1/1,000,000th of my dream and say good luck. But now the commenter made me mad with their snarky comments and it has kind of become the principle of the thing.  I am neither buying nor selling with that post and do not think it violates these terms of use.

Second, no where in that post did I say or even imply that someone owed me a VW Van.

Third, why in the world would this commenter think I do not have a job. That part was just to add to the snarky meanness of their comment?

So I am keeping the memoir and the paypal information, not because I was really interested in a donation, but because if the commenter had politely mentioned the “Terms of Use” I would have said, oh my mistake and apologies, and removed that part of the post. But because they lacked class and manners the “tacky” post stays. Tacky apparently begets tacky!!

Do you think this violates their terms of use or was the commenter right? What do you think of donation solicitations on blogs or other sites?

I Want It, I Need It – Does Anyone Have an Extra $26,000 to Send My Way?

5582986I found the girl of my dreams a 1966 Camper Bus in Velvet Green! Isn’t she beautiful?!!!

TheSamba.com :: VW Classifieds – 1966 Camper Bus in Velvet Green, Solid Driver.

Oh the trips we could take and the fun we would have cruising the highways with the windows down, Tom Petty blaring on the radio, stopping in beautiful places along the way and meeting interesting people.

A crystal blue sky dolloped with a few fluffy white clouds, a cold Coke between my legs to cool me down from the heat of the desert we are winding through, a stop at a diner to fill my belly and the serendipity of finding the perfect camping spot under a tree so far from everyone that the silence the lets me hear the twinkling of the brightest stars I have ever seen in the night sky.

I’ll keep dreaming, but if anyone would like to make a donation big or small to help me realize my dream, your donation would be gratefully received in my paypal account: Sharireiter@gmail.com.

What’s your dream?


IMG_0010 Kissing the Bricks!

A few years ago I traveled with my little brother to visit one of our sisters in Indiana. We’ve visited many times before for family reunions, graduations, first communions and to attend the Indy 500.

I was never a racing fan but when you have friends or family that live in Indianapolis, inevitably, you end up going to “the race”. That’s all it took and I was hooked. My first race was 2001, Sarah Fisher was the only woman in the race that year and of course I had to cheer for her, because, chicks have to stick together.  Since that first race we have been back 5 times and every time it is still a thrill; the mass of people converging on one place, people laughing and talking about their favorite team or favorite driver, the same street hawkers and evangelizers back every time trying to sell you a trinket, t-shirt or god.

During our fall visit the three of us were sitting around the kitchen with a small TV on in the corner listening to the last race of the year in Las Vegas, when a terrible crash occurred just a few minutes into the race. Dan Weldon had to be air-lifted out of the track, it was bad, it would be announced that he had died a short while later. It was my brother who wanted to go lay some flowers at the gate of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the next day.

Dan Weldon's Memorial at IMS Photo: Shari Reiter

Dan Weldon’s Memorial at IMS
Photo: Shari Reiter

We ended up there with several dozen other fans who wanted to pay their respects. It was a sad day, he had left a young family, he was so young and he was such a great personality on the race circuit. Even though he was only in a few races that year he won the Indy 500 in a crazy finish that had a rookie crashing in the wall in the fourth turn of that last lap to give Dan the win. He will always be one of my favorite drivers.

After we had laid the flowers, talked to several other mourners and watched in sadness the growing memorial we decided to go tour the speedway and the museum and to see Dan’s face on the trophy.

In all my visits I had never gone to the museum or toured the speedway. The museum includes so many cars from the nearly 100 years of racing at the track, pictures of all the past winners and the Borg-Warner Trophy with each of the past winners faces on it.

Borg-Warner Trophy

Borg-Warner Trophy

The picture above is of Dan in victory circle celebrating his win and the trophy behind it.

When you go on the tour you also get to tour the track, the press boxes and the coolest part actually go out on to the track. They aways stop at the “yard of bricks” so you can take a picture and touch the bricks. My little brother and I had to kiss the bricks, just like the winners of the races do. My sister laughed as she took our picture.

It was a sad day, but one filled with love and appreciation for my family.


Geeking out  Car geeks unite!

My husband is a Volkswagen car nut. I think we are on our 9th Volkswagen in nearly 30 years together. He has his favorite car dealer, Pignataro Volkswagen in Everett, Washington. That dealer is nearly a 2 hour drive from our current home, but used to be just a couple miles away from us. And he has remained loyal to them through the years, buying only one car from another dealer and swearing he would never buy from anyone but Pignataro again based on that experience.

This picture above is of my husband and a guy, who lived a few blocks down the street from us, who had just come home with a new VW. My husband had to stop the car, get out and check it out. He stood there talking about that car for 30 minutes with a man he never met before, both of them geeking out about that Volkswagen.  The man moved away a few months later, I wonder if there is a correlation to his moving and my husbands stalking?

His face lights up, at even the thought of a new VW, a bit like mine does when I see a new tech gadget. The gadget story is for another time. He even drives to Everett for service on our Volkswagens. He is driving up there this morning and I haven’t seem him that happy in weeks, thrilled to be heading to his “mecca” and talk horsepower, mpg, navigation systems and sunroofs with his people.

Let the geeking begin!

Do you geek out about anything?