Support Random & Rhyme

I have been working on my book, trying to write interesting pieces for this blog plus I have a 50+ hour per week job. I dream of transitioning to full-time writing someday. So I have, with trepidation, set up this page to talk about how you can help if you are enjoying my work and are interested in reading more.

A little donation or generous one, if your so inclined, can be made via PayPal at

I am also hoping to supplement my writing indirectly, whenever you buy a book on Amazon from a link on Random & Rhyme, I will get a small percentage of its price. Or if you are looking to buy something at Amazon using this link will also help support Random & Rhyme.

I am not writing stories nor will I be promoting products for a commission, but if I am writing about something that is of interest and its available on Amazon I am providing a convenient link for you.

Also, apparently, according to a couple of other blogs I have seen; FTC guidelines require me to inform you that some of the links on this blog/website, are affiliate links, and if you purchase products through these links I get paid a small commission. I hope this meets that requirement.

Thanks again for stopping by Random & Rhyme!



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