Discovering Home


Washington State Capital

I have lived in the city of Olympia for nearly 11 years now and I have to admit I barely know this city. My job has required that I travel a large part of the time and when I am off work I tend to either want to stay home and not interface with a bunch of people or I want to get out-of-town on vacation. It hasn’t left much time for me to get out and explore my own city.

So my summer resolution is to really get out there and discover Olympia. I am going to get out the local activities newspaper and check online and do all those things I would do when I go to a new city. I hate to admit this but I have never been to our museum, I have never been to a play or a concert here, I have only been to about a half-dozen of the 100’s of great restaurants here, I have never in 11 years attended Lake Fair(the big town shindig), I haven’t watched the fireworks over the lake on New Years or the 4th of July. I always hear the fireworks when I am home in bed with my dogs, but I’ve never gone to watch. So many other cool things to do here too that I don’t even know about I’m sure.

So in a salute to summer I will begin my discovery of home and will share what I learn and any tips I get from the locals as the summer rolls on.

Do you have a favorite way to discover a new city? If you are a local Olympian, what should I check out first?

5 thoughts on “Discovering Home

  1. I’ve never been to Olympia, but one of my favourite ways to discover any new cities is walk an enlarging spiral around where you live, everyday.

    Make a habit to stop at the same couple of places for a cup of coffee, a piece of pastry etc (you’ll be walking it off so all good) and get talking to people, pretty soon they’ll see you as a habit, and they’ll guide you 🙂

    Have fun! I look forward to reading about your summer exploration. You’re planning to write about it I hope?

    • Hi Charlene~ great tips! I am going to start this weekend!
      And I hope I stumble upon a few gems to write about! 🙂
      If you ever make it to Olympia I should be able to give you a great tour by the end of summer! 🙂

      • Fantastic. Bring a little camera or your phone and grab some pictures too. t

        My boy and I are planning a road trip in the USA in the fall. Washington is going to be one of our destinations (assuming it happens) as my sister lives around the Seattle area. We might end up in Olympia. Who knows? 🙂

      • Wonderful ~ I hope the trip happens and that you both come to town. That would be very fun to show you around. Your sister is very close ~ Olympia is only about an hours drive from Seattle. How did your sister end up in Seattle?

      • She married an American 2 decades ago, they moved around the country, came to the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with it. That was that 🙂

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