The Lost Brother

Step-by-step and one-by-one,

he was always a very methodical son.

As a boy so very sweet, funny and kind,

a better brother, I doubt, you’ll rarely find.


He left the state to make his fate,

to a school in New York, he took their bait.

A teacher of children, a lover of life,

he works out everyday, but doesn’t have a wife.


Nothing in common and very little to say,

he’s on his journey and we are in his way.

He doesn’t write, email or call,

he’s doing his thing and it’s not at the mall.


We try to connect and share a laugh,

but nothing crosses over and he has to dash.

He lives a life of anarchy and rage,

he wants to play on a much bigger stage.


A three-year absence, it feels like much more,

I think and think about how to open that door.

My brother’s been lost, some day he’ll be found

Can’t wait too long, soon we’ll all be in the ground.

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