Grain for the Grinder

I like the old, it’s vintage, well read, historical and crap the under 30 group can google it!
But I look forward to your 2014 of “Grist for the Mill” – Maybe some “Junipers for the still” “Bud for the pipe” – come on – I live in Washington.

Todd Baker

I’ve finally hit rock bottom. It’s time to make a change. It won’t be easy, but I can’t avoid it any longer.  I need to update my idioms.

My use of outdated expressions was first pointed out to me at work during a meeting with a supervisor and her staff. The supervisor is a friend of mine and she enjoys pointing out my flaws, especially if there is an audience. I was explaining the purpose of the meeting to her staff. I said I wanted to get their ideas about a particular topic and I told the group that I was looking for “grist for the mill.”  My friend giggled. I looked at her confusedly, as I was sure I had not said anything funny. She turned to her staff, all of whom were younger than 30-years-old, and said, “Do any of you know what ‘grist for the mill’ means?”…

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