Octopus Bench

Octopus Bench







It’s a small world full of friends I haven’t met.

A smile and hello could lead to things I never dreamt.

I’ve gotta get out of the house and remove my shell.

Most people are friendly and won’t cast an evil spell.

I sit on my octopus bench and watch my little slice of the world go by.

Why did it take so long to stop, rest and wonder at the sky.

A mother and daughter stride around the light pole.

The red-haired girl takes her pink tailed pooch on a stroll.

A cheese puff from the Peddler and coffee in my hand.

Nothing could make this day better, but a visit with a new friend.

A light breeze blows in and the smell of indian food wafts past my nose.

Store front windows and doors open, including the Compass Rose.

My little village bustles with activity and basks in the sun.

I’ll enjoy this day, relax and smile at everyone.

A Little Bit of Home

cropped-cropped-cropped-img_03461.jpgIn my quest to get to know my city a little bit better, I spent the morning wandering the streets checking out a few of my favorite spots and discovering a few new ones.

But first things first, had to have a little morning pit stop at The Bread Peddler!

Fresh LoavesOrdered a fresh Pain au Levain ~ Heavenly ~ to take home for dinner! Along with a little cheese puff and a coffee for my travels. The place was bustling. And to prove what a small world it is, one of my mom’s friends from the other side of the state in Walla Walla ended up in line behind me at the counter. She and her family were grabbing a little bakery treat before doing some thrift store shopping.

With my coffee and treat in hand I headed out for a little local people watching. I found this beautiful bench in the shade to take it all in.

Octopus BenchTourists and locals, girls with red hair walking dogs with pink tails, packs of kids on a summer camp outing and dogs walking two-by-two. It seemed like everyone was out to enjoy the sunny summer weather before it get’s too hot this afternoon.

IMG_0330The centerpiece of downtown Olympia, our beautiful capital, was a site to see on this perfect summer day. Runners and walkers were cruising around Capital Lake today and a few vendors were taking stalk of the area in preparation for next weekends Lake Fair festivities.

And there is nothing that the kids love better than splashing around the fountain at Capital Lake.



Such a lovely way to spend the morning! More stories and pictures to come during my discovering home tour.




No Refrain


Those unasked questions with answers never revealed.

Those questions haunt me and now with death forever sealed.

Why didn’t you ask a friend will say.

Because I always thought I’d have a chance another day.

I live with regret and not just a chosen few.

Those unasked questions stunt my life and dim my view.

A better daughter and more faithful friend,

what a different relationship it could have been.

Some chances lost, but other still remain.

So I’ll ask those questions now without refrain.

Song of the Cockoo Bird

 “Song of the Cuckoo Bird” by Amulaya Malladi.

I loved this book! I have read two other books by Amulaya Mulladi and loved them too, but this one was my favorite. Song of the Cuckoo Bird tells the story of a young girl, Kokila, who is an orphan that lives at an ashram called Tella Meda near the Bay of Bengal in India. She has been sent there to wait until she is ready to be with the man she married at the age of 11 after the death of her father. She was taken in by her late father’s friend Ramanandam Sastri who lived at the ashram.

When the time comes for Kokila to leave Tella Meda for her husband’s home she makes a youthful decision to stay at the ashram and her life is changed forever. The book takes you through all the lives that intersect in and around the ashram and what a wonderful journey.

In one branch on the journey Kokila takes a job working at a leprosy clinic run by a young doctor not much older than her:

“……Shankar was doing what he set out to do. No matter how ugly the job, how tainted his reputation, anyhow isolated his life because of his chosen profession, he was still doing it, everyday. 

How do your parents feel about this?” Kokila asked.

“Shankar smiled broadly and a dimple appeared on his left cheek. He was a personable young man, just a few years older than Kokila. She realized that Ramanandam was right in wondering if she was attracted to him because she knew she could be. If she worked with him every day and every day they had lunch like this, wouldn’t she feel something stir in her heart? Wasn’t there already a stirring? His goodness was not a facade, and that to Kokila was his most attractive quality”

“Sometime in the future I would like to get married, but I have no plans right now. ” Shankar said. “So, do you want to see what curds looks like under the microscope?”

It looked like several thousand living worms were wriggling against each other. 

“Oh,” Kokila said weakly. “I’m never going to eat curds again”

Her first day at work had been agonizing, fun, informative, and blissfully tiring. When she came back to Tella Meda, Renuka stood guard outside.

“You will have to stay in your room” Renuka announced as soon as Kokila opened the gate that led into the front garden of Tella Meda. “Subhadra will bring you food but you will have to eat it by yourself and wash your plate separately and keep it in your room. You –“”

 There are so many interesting stories at Tella Meda you are sure to find at least a couple of them to love.

A favorite writer and a book I will read again.




Writing Process Blog Tour – Station Six

Welcome to the sixth stop on the Writing Process Blog Tour!

This is my first ever tour so here’s a big shout out thank you to Todd Baker for taking my virginity. Oh stop, of course my Tour V, not the other! That is not the kind of blog I write, it’s not “The 47 Year Old Virgin,” and my name is not Judd Apatow. Mr. Baker is a memoirist and has two great books out so far; one about his health driven drive towards running marathons “Ten Year Run” and his life as a 40-year-old “Metal Head” in “Metal Fatigue.”  Check them out if you haven’t already.

The next stop on the tour will be with Juni over at “Out of the Well”  she is a Master in Writing and Literature student, a prolific blog writer and she is working on a collective book called “Fall in Love With Writing” in it she is gathering stories, pictures and inspiration from writers across the world about why they write. Pretty cool huh!

But down to business, you stopped by to read a bit about writing process so here are the answers from a true beginner!

What am I working on? 

I am working on a novel, my first, and currently it is just several different stories not completely strung together yet. It is loosely based on the life I have imagined my paternal grandmother lived based on a few facts that I have found in newspapers, pictures and notes in books and a lot of my imagination. And I also write poetry and other stuff here at Random & Rhyme as well as post some of my poetry over at the Poets Corner.

What is my background?

I am from Washington state and have lived here all my life. I love to travel, eat, read, drink, write, drink(oh wait I already said that), play with my dogs and write some more. I have no formal training as a writer, other than a couple of college classes.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Since I haven’t quite figured out my niche, it’s hard for me to answer how I am different. I guess as an individual and I have my own life and perspective to draw from, but I am a lot like any other woman and I hope I have something of interest to say and that my writing will be enjoyed by a few people.

Why do I write what I write?

Since I was a little kid, I have had stories running through my head or scenes, as if from a play, that I would decorate and fill with stories. Now I am just attempting to get them out of my head and on to paper. I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed writing until recently, but now it’s hard to imagine not writing.

How does my writing process work?


“My Process” is, I have no process. I work full-time and have a busy life with family, husband and dogs; so I write when and where I get a chance. Sometimes it’s right into the computer for a blog post or poem; other times I write in notebooks from Moleskine, they are thin and come in a pack of three, but are large enough to have room to write. I use a favorite Pilot pen, one of which I recently lost to cabin pressure on a flight from Omaha to Seattle; it was a sad day.  But so far I have found the most important aspect has been to commit to writing every day, even if it’s just a little bit of something, because keeping in the habit is important to finishing that shitty first draft and writing the better second draft.

Writing is an adventure in itself; it lets me explore things I haven’t tried, it lets me time travel, it lets me be bold and it’s helping me connect with people across the world. It has been a short but intoxicating journey so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

Now my friendly readers you are on your way over to “Out of The Well” for the next stop on the Writers Process Tour. Thanks for stopping by Random and Rhyme!

In The Band!


Yes, I played in the band.

And band geek was my brand.

A solo was my shinning moment,

because I could not sing a single note yet.

Yankee doodle our trio trilled,

and the crowd was pleased and smiled and thrilled.

Scales, cords and rhythms practiced.

Then I had to learn them all again backwards.

Amongst my group of music spastics,

I thought my world was just fantastic.

I played the oboe, the flute and the tenor sax,

it’s no wonder it took me so long to have sex.

I marched in the band with my big drum,

So much excitement I forgot my hat, how dumb.

Music still give me chills and exhilaration,

I miss those days of musical exaltation.

Yes, I played in the band,

and “band geek” is still my brand!